Mark Clinton

Mark Clinton
irl Ireland
Mark “Baby Carrot” Clinton Making his debut in the Pooltar Competition, this man that loves training and employment comes in under the radar and not to much fanfare. Having said this, you write off this 7th generation potato farmer at your peril. Splitting his intense pool training regime between NYC and Dublin’s fair city, it’s NYC where the girls are actually so pretty for Mark as that’s were he found love and his current fiancé. Suggestions from some quarters imply she’s just a gold digger, after the enormous wealth that is synonymous with the Clinton crisp empire. And what a crisp to to be involved with, Ireland’s finest artisan crisp that is nutritious, exploding with flavour and unparalleled in the industry! Check out their 3 awesome flavours: Seared Steak, Mature Cheddar and Classic Sea Salt and Vinegar. For a 10% on your next purchase please use the code: Jane Hughes10. Clinton Crisps are the proud sponsor of this years Shame Shield.
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